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Just as a nature preserve has the aim to protect an area of land, The Preserve recipe blog aims to protect the art of cooking.  Here, we're getting back to what's really great about food:  fresh, seasonal, and regionally-sourced ingredients, making things from scratch, and feeding yourself and the ones you love with wholesome and delicious meals that you put together with your own two hands.

Here, we like to focus on the natural abundance of the seasons with every single recipe.  You won't find any fresh tomato recipes in the winter or asparagus recipes in the late summer.  But when spring arrives and local asparagus come into their all-too-brief season, that's when we'll be cooking with it.  And you can count on us going crazy for tomatoes when they come into season in the late summer.

Of course, with seasonal abundance comes the need to preserve food, literally.  Or "put up" as they say down south.  So when the farmer's markets are spilling over with spring onions, we're chopping them up in our salads but also pickling them for later.  The fleeting season for sweet, ripe peaches calls for lots and lots of cut peaches with cream, but we're also cutting them and freezing them so we can have peaches months after their season has passed.

Seasonal recipes.  Preserving traditions.  For the love of food.

The Blogger, Whitney Ariss

In the last decade I have been a baker, worked in specialty food markets, cooked in fancy restaurants, catered events, and been a personal chef (not necessarily in that order and sometimes all at once).  I read cookbooks and shop at Farmers Markets for fun and most of the pictures in my phone are of food (and of my dog napping on the couch).  I am fervently opposed to canned beans and overly attached to my fourteen-year-old pressure cooker.  The smell of butter and onions makes my heart go pitter patter and I believe that poached eggs make the world go 'round.